How to Get Longer Music on Instagram Story

How to Get Longer Music on Instagram Story

Instagram Stories have become an increasingly popular way to share your favorite tunes with your followers. However, one common frustration among users is the time limit on music clips. Instagram allows you to add only 15 seconds of a song to your story. But fear not, there are ways to extend this limit and share longer music clips on your Instagram Stories. In this article, we will guide you through the process and answer some common questions.

1. Can I add longer music clips to my Instagram Story?
Yes, you can add longer music clips to your Instagram Story by utilizing third-party apps.

2. Which third-party apps can help me extend the music clip time limit?
Some popular apps that can help you achieve this include InShot, CutStory, and Story Cutter. These apps allow you to split your desired music clip into multiple parts, which can then be uploaded to your Instagram Story consecutively.

3. How do I split my music clip using these apps?
Once you have downloaded one of the apps mentioned, import your desired music clip into the app. Then, use the app’s editing tools to divide the clip into 15-second segments.

4. Can I upload all the segments at once?
No, Instagram only allows you to upload one video or photo at a time. However, these apps make the process seamless by automatically saving the divided segments to your camera roll.

5. How do I upload the divided segments to my Instagram Story?
After saving the divided segments to your camera roll, open Instagram and select the first segment from your gallery. Upload it to your Story as you would with any other media. Repeat this process for each segment, making sure to maintain the correct order.

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6. Will my followers be able to hear the full song?
Yes, your followers will be able to hear the full song if they watch all the segments in order. However, it is essential to provide clear instructions in your caption to ensure they know how to navigate through the clips.

7. Are there any alternatives to using third-party apps?
Yes, you can also use video editing software on your computer to divide your music clip into 15-second segments. Once divided, transfer the segments to your phone and upload them to your Instagram Story.

8. Can I add transitions between the divided segments?
Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide an option to add transitions between Story segments. However, you can create an illusion of continuity by selecting a transition effect in the third-party app or video editing software before saving the divided segments.

9. Will my followers find it annoying if I upload longer music clips?
While some may find longer music clips enjoyable, others might find them tedious if they are not interested in the song. To cater to both preferences, consider using the “Close Friends” feature on Instagram to share longer music clips exclusively with those who are more likely to appreciate them.

10. Can I add longer music clips without splitting the song?
Yes, you can add longer music clips without splitting the song by using the “Music” sticker feature on Instagram. Although the time limit remains 15 seconds per clip, you can select different sections of the song to create a seamless music experience for your viewers.

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11. Will using third-party apps violate Instagram’s terms of service?
Using third-party apps to extend music clips on Instagram Stories is generally safe and does not violate Instagram’s terms of service. However, it is always a good idea to do your research and ensure that the app you choose has positive reviews and a good reputation.

In conclusion, with the help of third-party apps or video editing software, you can easily extend the time limit for music clips on your Instagram Stories. By splitting the song into 15-second segments, you can share longer music clips and enhance the experience for your followers. Remember to provide clear instructions and consider using the “Close Friends” feature or the “Music” sticker to cater to different preferences. Happy sharing!