How to Play Keith Urban Songs on Guitar

How to Play Keith Urban Songs on Guitar

Keith Urban is a renowned country music artist known for his heartfelt lyrics and impressive guitar skills. If you’re a fan of his music and want to learn how to play his songs on guitar, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will guide you through the process of playing Keith Urban songs on guitar, from the basic chords to the signature riffs. So grab your guitar and let’s get started!

Getting Started:
1. What are the basic chords used in Keith Urban songs?
The basic chords used in Keith Urban songs are usually the open chords like G, C, D, E, and A. However, he also incorporates barre chords and variations to add more flavor to his music.

2. Are there any specific strumming patterns to follow?
Keith Urban’s songs typically have a mix of strumming patterns, ranging from simple downstrokes to more complex patterns. It is important to listen to the song carefully and try to match the strumming pattern used in the original recording. You can also experiment with different patterns to add your own style.

Playing Signature Riffs:
3. How can I play the signature riff in “Somebody Like You”?
The signature riff in “Somebody Like You” is played in the key of E and involves sliding power chords on the A and D strings. Start with an open E5 power chord shape (x799xx) and slide it up to the 6th fret, then back down to the 4th fret while muting the strings in between.

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4. What is the signature riff in “Days Go By”?
The signature riff in “Days Go By” is played in the key of D using a combination of power chords, palm muting, and open strings. Start with a D5 power chord shape (x577xx), then palm mute the strings while strumming. Add open G and B strings to create the catchy riff.

Mastering Keith Urban Songs:
5. How can I master Keith Urban’s fingerpicking style?
Keith Urban incorporates fingerpicking in many of his songs, adding a melodic touch to his music. To master his fingerpicking style, start with simple patterns and gradually increase the complexity. Practice songs like “Stupid Boy” or “Blue Ain’t Your Color” to improve your fingerpicking skills.

6. Can I use a capo to simplify chord shapes?
Yes, using a capo can simplify chord shapes and make it easier to play along with Keith Urban’s songs. Experiment with different positions of the capo to find the best key that suits your vocal range and playing ability.

7. How can I play barre chords more easily?
Barre chords can be challenging, especially for beginners. To make them easier to play, practice placing your index finger on the fretboard with enough pressure to sound all the strings. Gradually build up your finger strength and accuracy by practicing different barre chord shapes.

8. What should I do if I can’t match Keith Urban’s vocal range?
If you find it difficult to match Keith Urban’s vocal range, try transposing the song to a lower key that suits your voice better. This can be done by using a capo or repositioning the chord shapes accordingly.

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9. How can I improve my timing while playing Keith Urban songs?
Improving your timing is crucial for playing Keith Urban songs accurately. Practice with a metronome or play along with the original recordings to develop a strong sense of rhythm. Start slow and gradually increase the tempo as you become more comfortable.

Additional Tips:
10. Can I add my own improvisations to Keith Urban songs?
Absolutely! Keith Urban is known for his improvisational skills, and it’s encouraged to add your own flavor to his songs. Experiment with different scales, licks, and techniques to make the songs your own.

11. Where can I find accurate tabs or chord charts for Keith Urban songs?
There are several websites and apps available that provide accurate tabs and chord charts for Keith Urban songs. Websites like Ultimate Guitar or Songsterr are popular options. Additionally, you can search for video tutorials on platforms like YouTube to see how other guitarists play Keith Urban songs.

Playing Keith Urban songs on guitar is a rewarding experience that allows you to connect with his music on a deeper level. Remember to practice regularly, be patient with yourself, and have fun with the process. With dedication and perseverance, you’ll be strumming along to Keith Urban’s hits in no time!