Series Now That’s What I Call Music! 6 Songs

Now That’s What I Call Music! is a compilation album series that has been immensely popular since its inception in 1983. Known for featuring a diverse range of hit songs, each album in the series brings together the biggest chart-topping tracks of the time. Now That’s What I Call Music! 6, released in 1985, showcased a fantastic selection of songs that defined the era. Let’s dive into this incredible collection and explore some of its highlights.

Now That’s What I Call Music! 6 was released on November 4, 1985, and featured a total of 30 tracks, spanning various genres. The album became a massive success, reaching number one on the UK Compilation Chart. It perfectly captured the popular music of the time and became a must-have for music enthusiasts.

Some of the standout tracks on Now That’s What I Call Music! 6 included “Take on Me” by A-ha, “I Got You Babe” by UB40 and Chrissie Hynde, “Dancing in the Street” by David Bowie and Mick Jagger, and “The Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News. These iconic songs have stood the test of time and continue to be loved by fans today.

Other notable tracks on the album included “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds, “Slave to Love” by Bryan Ferry, and “You and Your Heart So Blue” by Bucks Fizz. These songs captured the essence of the 1980s music scene and remain nostalgic favorites for many.

Now That’s What I Call Music! 6 also featured tracks from established artists such as Tears for Fears, Eurythmics, and Kate Bush. Additionally, it introduced emerging artists like Feargal Sharkey, Howard Jones, and King. The album showcased the musical talent of both established and up-and-coming artists, making it a well-rounded representation of the era.

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Now, let’s address some common questions about the Now That’s What I Call Music! series:

1. How many albums are there in the Now That’s What I Call Music! series?
There are currently over 100 albums in the series, covering a wide range of genres and eras.

2. Are the songs on the Now albums original recordings?
Yes, the songs featured on the Now albums are the original recordings by the original artists.

3. Does every Now album have the same songs?
No, each Now album features a unique collection of songs that were popular at the time of its release.

4. Can I find current chart-topping songs on Now That’s What I Call Music! albums?
Yes, the series continues to release new albums regularly, featuring the latest chart-topping songs.

5. Are the Now albums available in physical format or only digitally?
The Now albums are available in both physical and digital formats, giving listeners the option to choose their preferred method of consumption.

6. Are the Now albums popular outside of the UK?
Yes, the Now That’s What I Call Music! series has gained popularity worldwide, with different versions of the albums being released in various countries.

7. Are the Now albums suitable for all ages?
The Now albums feature a wide range of genres and artists, making them suitable for listeners of all ages.

8. Can I find classic songs from previous decades on the Now albums?
Yes, the series has released special editions that focus on specific decades, allowing listeners to enjoy classic songs from the past.

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9. Are the Now albums available for streaming?
Yes, the Now albums are available on various streaming platforms, making it convenient for listeners to access their favorite tracks.

10. Do the Now albums continue to be released today?
Yes, the series is still active and releases new albums regularly, ensuring listeners stay up-to-date with the latest hits.

11. Can I expect more iconic songs in future Now albums?
Absolutely! The Now That’s What I Call Music! series strives to include the biggest and most popular songs of the time, ensuring each album remains a memorable collection.

Now That’s What I Call Music! 6 remains a beloved album in the series, capturing the essence of the 1980s music scene. With its diverse range of songs and talented artists, it continues to be a fan favorite. Whether you’re a fan of the 80s or simply appreciate great music, Now That’s What I Call Music! 6 is a must-listen.