What Does Skrillex Use to Make His Music

What Does Skrillex Use to Make His Music?

Skrillex, born Sonny John Moore, is an iconic figure in the electronic dance music (EDM) industry. Known for his unique sound and innovative production techniques, Skrillex has taken the world by storm with his music. Fans and aspiring producers often wonder what tools and software he uses to create his signature tracks. In this article, we will explore the equipment and software Skrillex commonly uses in his music production.

1. What software does Skrillex use to produce his music?
Skrillex primarily uses Ableton Live as his digital audio workstation (DAW) software. Ableton Live is known for its versatility and real-time performance capabilities, making it a popular choice among EDM producers. Skrillex takes advantage of Live’s extensive library of virtual instruments, effects, and plugins to craft his unique sound.

2. Does Skrillex use any hardware synthesizers?
Yes, Skrillex incorporates hardware synthesizers in his music production. He is known for using the Moog Minimoog Voyager, a legendary analog synthesizer famous for its warm and fat sound. Skrillex’s use of hardware synths adds a distinct and organic feel to his tracks.

3. How does Skrillex achieve his signature bass sound?
One of Skrillex’s trademarks is his heavy and aggressive bass sound. He achieves this by using a combination of software and hardware. He often relies on virtual synthesizers like Native Instruments Massive and Serum to create his bass patches. Additionally, he uses various effects such as distortion, compression, and equalization to shape and enhance the bass.

4. What other plugins does Skrillex use?
Apart from Massive and Serum, Skrillex incorporates several other plugins to enhance his production. He frequently uses the FabFilter Pro-Q for precise equalization, Soundtoys Decapitator for analog saturation, and Valhalla VintageVerb for lush and atmospheric reverbs. These plugins help him achieve the unique textures and sonic qualities in his music.

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5. Does Skrillex use any specific sample packs?
Skrillex often creates his own sounds from scratch, but he also utilizes sample packs to add flavor to his music. He reportedly uses the Vengeance Sound packs, which offer a vast collection of high-quality samples ranging from drums to effects. Additionally, he collaborates with other artists and sound designers to create custom sample packs exclusive to his production style.

6. How does Skrillex approach his songwriting process?
Skrillex is known for his spontaneous and experimental approach to songwriting. He often starts with a simple idea or melody and builds upon it by layering different elements. He frequently experiments with sound design, creating unique and innovative sounds that become the foundation of his tracks. Skrillex’s ability to think outside the box contributes to his distinctive sound.

7. What monitors does Skrillex use in his studio?
Skrillex has mentioned using the Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 monitors in his studio. These high-end speakers are renowned for their accurate and transparent sound reproduction, allowing Skrillex to fine-tune his mix with precision.

8. Does Skrillex use any hardware controllers?
Yes, Skrillex incorporates hardware controllers into his music production workflow. He often uses the Native Instruments Maschine, a groove production studio that allows him to create beats and trigger samples in a tactile and intuitive manner. The Maschine helps Skrillex add a human touch to his electronic compositions.

In conclusion, Skrillex’s music production setup consists of a combination of software, hardware synthesizers, and various plugins. His choice of Ableton Live as his DAW, alongside virtual instruments like Massive and Serum, helps him create his unique sound. Additionally, he incorporates hardware synths, sample packs, and effects plugins to enhance his production. Skrillex’s experimental approach to songwriting and his attention to detail in sound design contribute to his success as one of the most influential figures in the EDM scene.

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