What Is Anthony Rizzo’s Walk up Song

What Is Anthony Rizzo’s Walk-Up Song?

When it comes to professional baseball players, their walk-up songs have become an integral part of their identity on the field. These songs are played as they approach the batter’s box, aiming to pump up the player and energize the crowd. Anthony Rizzo, the talented first baseman for the Chicago Cubs, is no exception. Known for his powerful hitting and charismatic personality, Rizzo has carefully chosen his walk-up song to reflect his style and motivate him during games.

Rizzo’s walk-up song is the popular hit “Intoxicated” by Martin Solveig and GTA. This upbeat electronic dance music track was released in 2015 and has since become a favorite among fans attending Cubs games. With its catchy beat and energetic vibe, “Intoxicated” perfectly captures Rizzo’s fierce determination and passion for the game.

The song begins with a strong bassline and infectious rhythm that instantly grabs the attention of the crowd. As the lyrics kick in, the atmosphere becomes even more electric, with the upbeat tempo encouraging fans to clap, dance, and cheer for Rizzo as he steps up to the plate. The combination of the song’s pulsating sound and Rizzo’s confident stride creates an electrifying moment that sets the stage for an exciting at-bat.

Now, let’s dive into some commonly asked questions about Anthony Rizzo’s walk-up song:

1. How did Anthony Rizzo choose “Intoxicated” as his walk-up song?
While Rizzo hasn’t publicly shared the specific reasons behind his choice, it’s likely that he resonates with the song’s energetic and empowering vibe.

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2. Has Rizzo always used “Intoxicated” as his walk-up song?
No, Rizzo has switched his walk-up song a few times throughout his career, but “Intoxicated” has been his go-to choice for many seasons now.

3. Are there any rituals or superstitions associated with Rizzo’s walk-up song?
It’s unclear if Rizzo has any specific rituals tied to his walk-up song. However, many players are known to have superstitious routines, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Rizzo has his own pre-batting rituals.

4. How does the crowd react to Rizzo’s walk-up song?
The crowd’s response to Rizzo’s walk-up song is often enthusiastic. Fans become energized by the song’s lively rhythm and tend to cheer louder when Rizzo steps up to the plate.

5. Does Rizzo ever change his walk-up song during the season?
While Rizzo has switched his walk-up songs in the past, he seems to have found a winning formula with “Intoxicated” and has stuck with it for several seasons.

6. Do other players on the Cubs have unique walk-up songs?
Yes, many players on the Cubs have their own walk-up songs that reflect their personal tastes and styles. These songs help create a unique atmosphere for each player as they step into the batter’s box.

7. What impact does a walk-up song have on a player’s performance?
Walk-up songs are primarily meant to pump up the player and energize the crowd. While the impact on performance may vary from player to player, a well-chosen walk-up song can undoubtedly boost confidence and create a positive mindset.

8. Can fans purchase “Intoxicated” as a Cubs merchandise?
No, walk-up songs are individual choices made by players and are not officially affiliated with the team. However, fans can still enjoy the song and create their own personalized experience by playing it during Cubs games.

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9. Has “Intoxicated” become popular among Cubs fans?
Yes, “Intoxicated” has gained popularity among Cubs fans due to its association with Rizzo. It has become a symbol of his presence on the field and a favorite among supporters.

10. Are there any other memorable walk-up songs in Cubs history?
The Cubs have had numerous players with memorable walk-up songs throughout their rich history. One notable example is former player Kerry Wood, who used “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses as his walk-up song, creating an intense atmosphere at Wrigley Field.

11. Can Rizzo change his walk-up song in the future?
As an individual choice, Rizzo has the flexibility to change his walk-up song if he desires. However, given the connection he has established with “Intoxicated” and its popularity among fans, it’s likely to remain his iconic choice for the foreseeable future.

In conclusion, Anthony Rizzo’s walk-up song, “Intoxicated” by Martin Solveig and GTA, perfectly encapsulates his powerful and energetic style of play. As he steps up to the plate, the song’s infectious rhythm and empowering lyrics create an electric atmosphere that pumps up both Rizzo and the crowd, setting the stage for an exciting performance. While Rizzo’s walk-up song may change in the future, for now, “Intoxicated” remains an essential part of his identity as a Chicago Cubs player.