What Song Did the Weeknd Sample for Blinding Lights

What Song Did The Weeknd Sample for “Blinding Lights”?

The Weeknd’s hit single “Blinding Lights” has taken the music world by storm, dominating charts and capturing the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. With its infectious synth-pop sound and catchy melody, many have wondered about the origins of this chart-topping hit. The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” actually samples a lesser-known 1980s song called “Take On Me” by Norwegian band A-ha.

“Take On Me” was a breakthrough hit for A-ha, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985. Its iconic synth-driven melody and catchy chorus made it an instant classic, and it has continued to be a beloved song for decades. The Weeknd’s decision to sample “Take On Me” was a nod to the 80s sound that he often draws inspiration from.

The Weeknd has been known to incorporate elements of 80s music into his own unique brand of R&B, and “Blinding Lights” is a prime example of this fusion. By sampling the unmistakable synth riff from “Take On Me,” The Weeknd pays homage to the decade that heavily influences his music, while also creating a fresh and modern sound that resonates with listeners today.

The sample is most prominent in the opening seconds of “Blinding Lights,” where the familiar synth melody instantly grabs your attention. The Weeknd then puts his own spin on it, adding his signature smooth vocals and contemporary production techniques. The result is a song that feels both nostalgic and current, appealing to fans of all ages.

The decision to sample “Take On Me” was a strategic one for The Weeknd. Not only does it add a recognizable element to his song, but it also taps into the nostalgia trend that has been prevalent in recent years. By infusing his music with elements of the past, The Weeknd is able to create a sense of familiarity that resonates with listeners on a deeper level.

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Now, let’s move on to some common questions about The Weeknd’s sample choice for “Blinding Lights.”

1. Why did The Weeknd choose to sample “Take On Me” for “Blinding Lights”?
The Weeknd wanted to pay homage to the 80s sound that heavily influences his music while creating a fresh and modern sound.

2. How did The Weeknd incorporate the sample into “Blinding Lights”?
The sample is most prominent in the opening seconds of the song, where the recognizable synth melody instantly grabs your attention.

3. Did The Weeknd get permission to sample “Take On Me”?
Yes, The Weeknd obtained the necessary permissions and clearances to sample “Take On Me” for “Blinding Lights.”

4. How did fans react to the sample choice?
Fans have generally responded positively to the sample, appreciating The Weeknd’s homage to the 80s and the nostalgic element it adds to the song.

5. Are there any other songs The Weeknd has sampled in his music?
Yes, The Weeknd has incorporated samples from various artists and genres throughout his discography, showcasing his diverse musical influences.

6. Did “Blinding Lights” sample any other songs besides “Take On Me”?
No, “Blinding Lights” exclusively samples “Take On Me” by A-ha.

7. Did A-ha collaborate with The Weeknd for “Blinding Lights”?
No, A-ha did not collaborate directly with The Weeknd for “Blinding Lights.” The sample was used with proper permissions and clearances.

8. Did “Blinding Lights” sample any other elements besides the synth riff from “Take On Me”?
The synth riff from “Take On Me” is the most prominent sample in “Blinding Lights,” but The Weeknd also adds his own vocals and contemporary production techniques to create his unique sound.

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9. Did The Weeknd receive any awards or recognition for “Blinding Lights”?
Yes, “Blinding Lights” has received numerous awards and nominations, including several Billboard Music Awards and Grammy nominations.

10. How has “Blinding Lights” performed on the charts?
“Blinding Lights” has been a massive success on the charts, reaching number one in multiple countries and becoming one of The Weeknd’s biggest hits to date.

11. What other songs by The Weeknd should I check out if I enjoyed “Blinding Lights”?
If you enjoyed “Blinding Lights,” you should definitely check out The Weeknd’s other hit songs such as “Can’t Feel My Face,” “Starboy,” and “The Hills.”

In conclusion, The Weeknd’s decision to sample A-ha’s “Take On Me” for “Blinding Lights” was a strategic and creative choice that paid off. The nostalgic 80s sound combined with The Weeknd’s unique style resulted in a chart-topping hit that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.