What Song Is Sampled in Blinding Lights

What Song Is Sampled in Blinding Lights?

Blinding Lights is a popular hit song by Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd, released in 2019. The song has received critical acclaim for its catchy melody and nostalgic 80s sound. One of the reasons for its immense success is the clever use of a sample that adds an extra layer of familiarity and appeal to the track. The song samples a track from the 1980s, further emphasizing its throwback vibe. So, what song is sampled in Blinding Lights? Let’s delve into the details.

The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights samples the song “Take On Me” by the Norwegian band A-ha. “Take On Me” was first released in 1984 and became a worldwide hit in 1985. The song is known for its catchy synth-pop melody and iconic music video, which combined live-action and animation. The Weeknd’s decision to sample this classic 80s hit was a stroke of genius, as it seamlessly blends the old with the new.

Sampling has been a prevalent technique in the music industry for decades. It involves taking a portion of an existing song and incorporating it into a new composition. This technique allows artists to pay homage to their musical influences while creating something fresh and unique. The Weeknd’s use of A-ha’s “Take On Me” demonstrates his appreciation for the 80s era and contributes to the song’s nostalgic feel.

Now, let’s move on to the common questions and answers section:

1. Why did The Weeknd choose to sample “Take On Me” in Blinding Lights?
The Weeknd wanted to capture the essence of the 80s in his song, and “Take On Me” perfectly represents that era. The catchy melody and nostalgic feel of the song made it an ideal choice for sampling.

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2. How much of “Take On Me” is used in Blinding Lights?
The main portion of the sample is the iconic synth riff from “Take On Me,” which is repeated throughout Blinding Lights.

3. Did The Weeknd receive permission from A-ha to sample their song?
Yes, obtaining permission from the original artists or copyright holders is crucial when sampling a song. The Weeknd’s team would have secured the necessary rights and licenses to use “Take On Me” in Blinding Lights.

4. How does the sample enhance Blinding Lights?
The sample adds a recognizable element to the song, instantly capturing listeners’ attention and creating a sense of familiarity. It also evokes feelings of nostalgia, making the track even more appealing.

5. Are there any differences between the original song and the sample in Blinding Lights?
While the main melody of “Take On Me” remains intact, The Weeknd has transformed it by adding his own lyrics, production, and unique style. This fusion of old and new elements creates a fresh interpretation.

6. Has A-ha expressed their thoughts on The Weeknd sampling their song?
A-ha has not publicly commented on The Weeknd’s use of their song in Blinding Lights. However, sampling is a common practice in the music industry, and artists generally view it as a form of homage and recognition.

7. Are there any other notable songs that have sampled “Take On Me”?
“Take On Me” has been sampled in various songs over the years, including Pitbull’s “Feel This Moment” featuring Christina Aguilera. However, Blinding Lights is arguably the most prominent and successful use of the sample.

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8. How did the sample impact the success of Blinding Lights?
The sample played a significant role in the success of Blinding Lights, as it helped the song resonate with a wider audience. The familiar melody drew in listeners and contributed to the song’s chart-topping success.

9. Can sampling a song lead to legal issues?
Sampling can potentially lead to legal issues if the necessary permissions and licenses are not obtained. Copyright infringement is a serious matter, and artists must ensure they have the proper clearances to avoid any legal complications.

10. Will sampling “Take On Me” benefit A-ha financially?
Yes, when a song is sampled, the original artist or copyright holders typically receive royalties or financial compensation for the use of their work. Therefore, A-ha would likely benefit financially from The Weeknd sampling “Take On Me” in Blinding Lights.

11. How has the sample influenced other artists in the music industry?
The success of Blinding Lights and its clever use of the “Take On Me” sample has inspired other artists to experiment with nostalgic sounds and incorporate classic hits into their own music. This trend has brought renewed attention to iconic songs from the past and introduced them to younger generations.

In conclusion, The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights samples the 80s hit song “Take On Me” by A-ha. The sample adds a nostalgic touch to the track and contributes to its immense popularity. Sampling is a common practice in the music industry, allowing artists to pay tribute to their influences while creating something new. With its clever use of the sample, Blinding Lights showcases The Weeknd’s appreciation for the 80s era and has become a modern-day chart-topper.

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