Who Is the Original Singer of Order My Steps

Who Is the Original Singer of “Order My Steps”?

“Order My Steps” is a popular gospel song that has touched the hearts of many people around the world. It is a powerful and uplifting hymn that has been performed by various artists over the years. However, the original singer of “Order My Steps” is none other than Glenn Edward Burleigh.

Glenn Edward Burleigh was an American composer and musician, best known for his contributions to the gospel music genre. Born on May 3, 1949, in Baltimore, Maryland, Burleigh began his musical journey at a young age. He learned to play the piano and developed a deep passion for gospel music.

Burleigh’s talent as a songwriter and composer soon became evident, and he began writing and arranging music for various gospel choirs and artists. His unique style and ability to infuse traditional gospel elements with contemporary influences set him apart from his peers.

In 1981, Glenn Burleigh composed the iconic song “Order My Steps.” This heartfelt hymn quickly gained popularity and became a staple in many church services and gospel concerts. The song’s message of surrendering to God’s will and seeking guidance in every step resonated with audiences worldwide.

“Order My Steps” has been covered by numerous artists and gospel choirs, each adding their own interpretation and style to the song. It has become a beloved classic within the gospel music community and continues to inspire and uplift listeners to this day.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Who wrote “Order My Steps”?
Glenn Edward Burleigh composed “Order My Steps” in 1981.

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2. When was “Order My Steps” first released?
The song was first released in 1981 and quickly gained popularity within the gospel music community.

3. What is the message behind “Order My Steps”?
The song’s message is about surrendering to God’s will and seeking guidance in every step of our lives.

4. Who has covered “Order My Steps”?
Numerous artists and gospel choirs have covered the song, including the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Myron Butler, and Shekinah Glory Ministry.

5. What makes “Order My Steps” unique?
Glenn Burleigh’s ability to infuse traditional gospel elements with contemporary influences sets “Order My Steps” apart from other gospel songs.

6. Has “Order My Steps” won any awards?
While the song itself hasn’t won any awards, it has been recognized as a timeless gospel classic.

7. How has “Order My Steps” impacted the gospel music community?
“Order My Steps” has become a beloved hymn within the gospel music community, inspiring and uplifting listeners around the world.

8. Are there any notable performances of “Order My Steps”?
The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s rendition of “Order My Steps” is particularly famous and has touched the hearts of millions.

9. Has Glenn Edward Burleigh composed any other songs?
Yes, Glenn Burleigh has composed several other gospel songs, including “I’m So Glad He Found Me” and “It’s All About You.”

10. Are there any remixes or modern adaptations of “Order My Steps”?
While there have been some modern adaptations of the song, it is primarily performed in its original form.

11. How can I listen to “Order My Steps”?
“Order My Steps” is available on various music streaming platforms and can also be found on gospel music compilation albums.

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In conclusion, Glenn Edward Burleigh is the original singer and composer of the gospel hymn “Order My Steps.” His talent and ability to infuse traditional gospel elements with contemporary influences have made this song a timeless classic. “Order My Steps” continues to touch the lives of many, reminding us to surrender to God’s will and seek His guidance in every step we take.