Who Sings the Coke Commercial Song

Who Sings the Coke Commercial Song?

Coca-Cola has been known for its catchy and memorable advertising campaigns throughout the years. One element that often grabs the attention of viewers is the music used in these commercials. The Coke commercial songs have become iconic and have a way of sticking in our heads long after the advertisement is over. But who sings these catchy tunes?

The answer to the question of who sings the Coke commercial song can vary depending on the specific advertisement in question. Coca-Cola has collaborated with numerous artists over the years to create original songs for their commercials. These artists range from well-established musicians to emerging talents. Let’s delve into some of the popular Coke commercial songs and the artists behind them.

1. “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” (1971) – The New Seekers: This iconic song was originally recorded by British pop group The New Seekers. It gained popularity as the soundtrack to Coca-Cola’s “Hilltop” commercial, which featured a diverse group of young people singing on a hillside.

2. “I Just Want to Celebrate” (1991) – Rare Earth: This energetic tune by American rock band Rare Earth was used in a Coca-Cola commercial that showcased people from various cultures celebrating together.

3. “Always Coca-Cola” (1993) – Various Artists: This jingle was created specifically for Coca-Cola and was performed by a group of singers. It became one of the most recognizable Coke commercial songs of the 90s.

4. “Open Happiness” (2009) – Various Artists: Another group effort, this song featured artists such as CeeLo Green, Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie, and Janelle Monáe. It aimed to spread a message of positivity and joy.

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5. “Can’t Beat the Feeling” (1989) – Various Artists: This upbeat song featured a collaboration between several artists, including Elton John, Jimmy Barnes, and Kiki Dee. It encouraged listeners to embrace the feeling of drinking Coca-Cola.

6. “First Time” (2016) – Jonas Brothers: This modern pop-rock anthem was performed by the popular band Jonas Brothers for a Coke commercial. It conveyed a sense of youthful energy and excitement.

7. “Taste the Feeling” (2016) – Avicii and Conrad Sewell: Swedish DJ Avicii teamed up with Australian singer Conrad Sewell to create this catchy song. It became the global campaign anthem for Coca-Cola.

8. “Give a Little Bit” (2007) – Supertramp: This classic rock song by Supertramp was used in a Coca-Cola commercial that emphasized the power of small acts of kindness.

9. “Are You Ready?” (2014) – Shakira: Colombian singer Shakira lent her vocals to this energizing song for a Coca-Cola World Cup commercial. It captivated viewers with its infectious rhythm and catchy lyrics.

10. “Uptown Funk” (2016) – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars: Although not created specifically for Coca-Cola, this popular song was featured in a Coke commercial and became associated with the brand due to its widespread popularity.

11. “Colors” (2018) – Jason Derulo: American singer Jason Derulo released this vibrant song as part of Coca-Cola’s “Ready for” campaign for the FIFA World Cup. Its infectious beat perfectly captured the spirit of the tournament.

Common Questions:

1. Q: Who sings the Coca-Cola Christmas commercial song?
A: The artist behind the Coca-Cola Christmas commercial song may vary each year. Coca-Cola often collaborates with different musicians to create original songs for their holiday campaigns.

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2. Q: What is the most famous Coca-Cola commercial song?
A: “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” is arguably one of the most famous Coke commercial songs. It gained immense popularity in the 1970s and has remained a memorable tune associated with Coca-Cola.

3. Q: Are the Coke commercial songs available for download or streaming?
A: Yes, most Coke commercial songs are available for download or streaming on various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

4. Q: How do Coca-Cola choose the artists for their commercials?
A: Coca-Cola selects artists based on their relevance to the campaign’s message and the specific target audience. They often collaborate with musicians who align with the brand’s values and image.

5. Q: Do artists receive royalties for their songs being used in Coke commercials?
A: Yes, artists generally receive royalties for their songs being used in commercials. The specific terms of the agreement may vary depending on the artist, the song, and the duration of its use.

6. Q: Can I find the lyrics to Coke commercial songs?
A: Yes, you can find the lyrics to most Coke commercial songs online. Lyrics websites and official artist websites are good sources to find accurate and complete lyrics.

7. Q: Are there any Coca-Cola commercials that feature songs by independent artists?
A: Yes, Coca-Cola has been known to feature songs by independent artists in their commercials. They often embrace emerging talents and aim to support and promote their music.

8. Q: Can I suggest a song or artist for a Coca-Cola commercial?
A: Coca-Cola does not have a public platform for song suggestions, but they may occasionally collaborate with artists suggested by their advertising agencies or internal teams.

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9. Q: Are there any Coke commercial songs that have become chart-topping hits?
A: Yes, several Coke commercial songs have achieved significant chart success. “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars, for example, reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2015.

10. Q: Do Coke commercial songs impact an artist’s career?
A: Being associated with a popular Coke commercial song can certainly have a positive impact on an artist’s career. The exposure and recognition gained from these commercials can lead to increased visibility and opportunities.

11. Q: Can I find the full versions of Coke commercial songs?
A: Yes, most Coke commercial songs have full-length versions that can be found on the respective artist’s albums or singles. These versions may include additional verses or extended instrumentals.

In conclusion, Coca-Cola has collaborated with numerous artists throughout the years to create memorable and catchy songs for their commercials. The artists behind the Coke commercial songs range from established musicians to emerging talents, and their contributions have become an integral part of Coca-Cola’s advertising legacy. Whether you’re humming along to the classic tunes from the 70s or grooving to the latest pop-rock anthems, these Coke commercial songs continue to captivate audiences worldwide.