Who Wrote the Song So This Is Christmas

Who Wrote the Song “So This Is Christmas”?

The iconic song “So This Is Christmas” was written by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Released in 1971, it quickly became a holiday classic and has since been covered by numerous artists. This article explores the story behind the creation of the song and provides answers to some common questions about its origins.

John Lennon, known for his work with the Beatles, wrote “So This Is Christmas” as a reflection on the state of the world and a call for peace. Inspired by the Vietnam War and the ongoing conflicts around the world, Lennon aimed to spread a message of hope and unity during the holiday season.

The song’s lyrics convey a strong anti-war sentiment and emphasize the importance of coming together to create a better world. It encourages listeners to consider the sufferings of others and question the actions that perpetuate violence and suffering. Despite its serious message, the song also carries a sense of optimism and a belief in the power of love to overcome adversity.

Now, let’s address some common questions about the song:

1. What inspired John Lennon to write “So This Is Christmas”?
John Lennon was deeply affected by the ongoing conflicts and injustices in the world, particularly the Vietnam War. This inspired him to write a song that would encourage people to reflect on the state of the world and come together for peace.

2. When was the song released?
“So This Is Christmas” was released in 1971 as part of the album “Some Time in New York City.”

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3. Did Yoko Ono contribute to the songwriting process?
Yes, Yoko Ono co-wrote the song with John Lennon. The couple often collaborated on their music and activism.

4. Who has covered the song?
Over the years, many artists have covered “So This Is Christmas,” including Celine Dion, Sarah McLachlan, and Maroon 5, among others.

5. How did the song become a holiday classic?
The song’s powerful message of peace and unity resonated with people, and its popularity grew over time. It has since become a staple of holiday playlists and is regularly played during the Christmas season.

6. Has the song been used for any charitable causes?
Yes, the song has been used to raise funds for various charitable causes, including initiatives aimed at promoting peace and assisting those affected by war.

7. Did John Lennon perform the song live?
No, John Lennon never performed “So This Is Christmas” live as he retired from live performances in 1975.

8. Are there any notable renditions of the song?
Celine Dion’s version of “So This Is Christmas” is particularly well-known and has received widespread acclaim.

9. Did the song have any impact on the public’s perception of war?
While it’s difficult to measure the exact impact of a song, “So This Is Christmas” undoubtedly raised awareness about the consequences of war and encouraged people to consider their roles in creating a peaceful world.

10. Why is the song still relevant today?
The song’s message of peace and unity remains relevant, as conflicts and injustices continue to plague the world. It serves as a reminder that we should strive for a better and more peaceful future.

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11. How has the song been used in popular culture?
“So This Is Christmas” has been featured in movies, TV shows, and commercials, further cementing its place in popular culture.

In conclusion, “So This Is Christmas” is a timeless song that continues to inspire and resonate with people around the world. Its message of peace and unity remains as important as ever, making it a holiday classic that will likely be enjoyed for generations to come.